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Actions take place in:
1. St. Petersburg
2. Moscow
3. Berlin (acoustic gig)
4. Lahti
5. MS Baltic Princess (Nova Club)
6. Tallin
7. Turku
8. Eura (Sieravuori)
9. Tampere
10. Tampere (RHCP support)
11. Kotka
12. Porvoo
13. MS Baltic Princess (Nova Club)
14. Helsinki

That's a free stream of memory, to mark and save the best times of my life - the year 2012, changes and love in the air. The year that brought me into travel addiction, opened up my mind for the new horizons. The year of music and rocking stuff. Hundred of nights awake and insomnia. Dreams. And people.

Part 1. Spring, when I've fallen into your love, into your lie eternal

Spring must be my second favourite season after autumn. That was always a period of time for changes or great new emotions. That's a challenge, a wake up call for some kind of salvation. I just moved from my parents and started living alone, got rid of dreadlocks and started wearing short hair a little earlier. A visual part of self-cognition and improvement was always important.

By the time the gigs were announced I was really that lost in daily routine that nothing seemed to cheer me up. Not even the announcement. Still I followed my senses and bought the tickets at the very last moments of sale - typically me. Plus once again I was glad to help Stef getting her gig tickets for both St.Petersburg & Moscow and train tickets that are more importnant. That all worked right. The way it had done that before, a year ago, two years ago etc and even earlier, when I wrote some lines:

* * *
It's just like

Should I come and make this clear
That for all my life I am thankful
No matter how, when and where
I was, I am and I will be

In simple words that seem to rush
Into what you never thought of me
The premonitions come and hide
To show off the faulse indigence

Needy for words and feels inside
That I've gone wrong with being forgetful
My bad is all that I ignored
Got lost in common stuff so weirdly

Never for good you turn this way
Not twice in same waves you will be
Just for one shot to end so longing
With bitterness ignored by all

One dream or none of them - who cares?
If all was ruined, all so senseless
Cat's purr and bloodshot eyes
Wish I still had by now a childheart

Look at their eyes to see the fire
That used to burn inside of you
Wanting it back but no successfull
Having nothing instead's much true

For what you give, for what i'm not mine
Like painting me out of the bounds
I'm glad you shine each day brighter
So frequent,
Even simple seems
Saying that you
Bring me back to life

Two points where I felt heart-exploding: The Lie Eternal & Someone Special - LIVE. First one - my new fav, not a song I would ever say Poets could write if just hearing the first sounds, still a very deep, bold, colourful song with a very passionate singing and cool meaningful lyrics that got me stuck on it for the whole day right before the gig and still fully owns me. Second - one of my very loved, most touching and truely personal songs, that was never ever the one I imagined Poets to play those days. Here are the first lines, first chords and I start to sing along not even understanding that this is what I really hear. Unbelievable - there couldn't exist any kind of happiness better than this one.
It could probably be compared to a feeling I had some years ago, when Poets started their Twilight Theater Tour in St.Peter and played the whole album - even the very unexpected Heal My Wounds. Lights off - band just left stage to get back for the last few songs in a minute - people screaming "We want MORE!" - and Marko's voice out of nowhere... "I think I should go now... and Heal My Wounds" - wait, did he just say that?.. He did.
Or almost the same thing happened a little earlier - Sleep played live in Moscow, where we already knew THAT should happen. Still it seemed too unrealistic. Ok, I might be just too much of a dreamer...

I finally remembered the past times with old friends and started feeling a lot better than before. Welcome back to my life, now and forever! Welcome new people - PoTF fandom grows day by day here and this time it got huge new part of funny faces!

Play reading time:
* * *
Me: Hello!
Ollie: Oh, hello-hello!
Me: Sorry I won't probably get to Marko through all this crowd of people...
Ollie: Oh, right! But, wait... *Marko appears right here, the crowd left behind*
Marko: Hello!
Me: That is for you and for your studio cause you probably get tired and work a lot - a coffee-brewing thing and one of my favorite coffees. I work in a cafe...
Marko: Oh, really? You do?
Me: Right! So that's what I would love to share with you...

* * *
*on the train station*
Captain: You know all of our technical stuff is still on its way here and the train leaves in 10 minutes...
Someone else of the girls: That means an acoustic gig tomorrow, right?

* * *
Someone of the girls: Some candies as a gift for you, Captain!
Captain: Thank you!
Girl: And an extra bag of those - all with nuts. Don't give them to Ollie, he's allergic.
Captain: Right! *takes the bag* Hey, Ollie, come here, do you want some?

* * *
Ollie: Your coffee smells good!

Then Berlin was never planned, it just suddenly happened. But, thank God, it did! I had plans for my long Euro-tour vacation ALL ALONE and was free to change anything anytime, I had no tickets back and no one to join me all the way - only meeting people when arriving somewhere.
A full acoustic gig was all I always wanted from my favourite band to do. That was not known before how many of the guys were gonna be there but, anyways, it turned out beyond any expectations - just Olli and Marko... and the great music, of course. Once again Someone Special was mind-blowing, Kamikaze Love - just perfect, The Lie Eternal - even more mystical and magnetic, hearing Late Goodbye reminded me of the good old times of playing Max Payne with my brother and the first Poets' gigs in Moscow in IKRA Club, Sorry Go 'Round - the nice funny performance of it is a thing to always cheer you up, and then... KING OF FOOLS happened. My second favourite song on the Carnival Of Rust album after Roses (that I already heard live multiple times but it took me almost 4 years of dreaming to hear it). So that was the point when I understood - expect the unexpected. Love overflowed. Sweet desire killed me.

Berlin must be the most memorable gig of the year for multiple reasons: the fact of being an acoustic one, King Of Fools and the very nice chat with both Marko and Olli afterwards. Sweet phrases thrown their way and back at me - that all seemed to last forever. And if I only could, I would return there everytime it feels like being lonely or whatever.
Just hoping, I would never get used to such things and stop feeling.

Play reading time:
* * *
Ollie: Thanks for the beautiful singing, girls!

* * *
Me: Thank you for King of Fools. You know, I thought you broke my heart in Moscow playing Someone Special... Now you did that again! You should probably stop breaking it again and again. It's all your already!
Ollie: Oh, alright! *getting blushed*

* * *
Ollie: I know you!
Me: Really?
Ollie: Sure, I do!
Me: Oh, you're kidding me!
Ollie: Like I've seen you somewhere...
Me: Right...
Ollie: A couple of times.
Me: No way!
Ollie: Just a few times.
Me: It can't be!
Ollie: But I know you!

* * *
Me: How was the coffee?
Ollie: Oh, sorry, I didn't try it yet.
Me: But you will!
Ollie: Sure!
Marko: Coffee? That 'tiger' coffee? *a pack had a picture of a tiger on it*
Me: Right!
Marko: It's almost gone.
Ollie: How come?
Marko: I drunk nearly the whole pack already!
Ollie: How could you?!
Marko: It was really good. Smelled really good! Tasted even better.
Me: Glad to hear that!
Marko: You know, I carried it in my bag back home and got all of my stuff smelling like that coffee. Brilliant!

* * *
Me: This time in Moscow you got the biggest audience you've ever had here in Russia.
Marko: Yeah, that's great!
Me: And that was probably the biggest club in Moscow... By the way, there was one of our cafes near it.
Marko: Oh, really? I think I should visit one of those. But we usually have no time to do that. Not even any time to sleep or rest...
Me: Understandable but you know I can offer you some coffee anytime!
Marko: Yeah, probably next time I'm in Moscow... I should come try some!

Due to multiple circumstances and a full house of bad lucks I hardly made it to Lahti. I guess, you sometimes have to pay for your happiness, and I probably got too much of it in Berlin. Every step for me to return back from my vacation was going wrong any possible way. My lost scarf in a taxi in Prague, the most loneliest 3 days in Paris - I could act well for Amelie Poulain next time they come up with a siquel, missed flight back from Paris to Prague, wrong bus tickets from Stockholm airport to the city, Bromma airport closing at night, late night expensive taxis to my friends and all my electronic stuff batteries being ready to die - JESUS! Should I write a book of that?
All in all, I happened to NEED to get to Lahti to have some people to talk to and a place to sleep, and to get my anti-depressants better known as Poets Of The Fall. I was also planning to try getting to Ylihärmä - but it wouldn't work for me, I definitely knew I had to stop that long train of bad lucks.
And they did that for me with... Shallow. Second favourite from Signs of Life album (Someone Special is the first). I try not to use the simple words again and again - but how could that happen? I probably have too many of my favourite songs or I just love them all - the truely desired ones heard live are like the soothing balm. "Glag the waters are so shallow..." - and I remember some old live video on YouTube and funny Marko wearing baggy jeans and a beanie-hat, a red turtleneck sweater and a khaki-light green-beige HUGE shirt, hahah

Later on I joined a group formed by Music Tours agency in St.Petersburg for a trip on a boat from Helsinki to Tallin. That seemed weird to me to go on a boat just for the gig there and not to stay in Tallin for another one the next day, so I attended both. And... I LOVED TALLIN! I was probably too into my romantic travel dreams of any better world to exist somewhere where I do not belong.
That also was the time when I met my 'travel group' - some of the girls a little later, or a little earlier, still... Let's say it was the birth of it :) First of all that was Ann Fink, whom I knew before via social networking websites but never in real life, and Irina - they kindly let me in to their hostel room for a couple of hours after the gig so I could safely wait for a bus back to St.Peter early that morning.

A couple of "sweetest-moments-ever": 1) Marko kindly asking with the eyes and gestures for a spot for his foot on a barrier, 2) eye-to-eye singing of the line "Where will I be tomorrow?" - like if you don't know, man, wake up - it's Tallin of course! 3) a smile directly at us during Cradled in Love when we shaked hands with people in the first row 4) a thing I rarely do, cause that rarely feels right to be done, a hand I stretched out to Marko and him touching it with the very best smile ever, my heart just melted

A couple of things learnt: 1) Marko + a mohawk = ok, as soon as I get home, I'm getting the same haircut! 2) act indifferent - Estonian rockers would suddenly like you and give you their Cds right from the stage 3) beware the broken glass and empty bottles under your feet, also the drunken weird tall guys behind you

Part 2. Summer, when I've found the heart of my temple of thought

Summer is always the weirdest and the fastest season to last. It still seems like summer just happened a minute ago, a day ago, not more than a week. It's already gone. Months ago.

I wonder how do I deserve what I get, how did I deserve to know the people I know, that much of love and magic all around, that awesomeness and creativity, that inspiration in the air. A couple of weeks before the gig in Turku we had THE BIG meeting in Moscow - the result was the huge chalk-drawn morpho in a pallette of rainbow-like colors and a picture of it delievered from Russia to Finland with love to the very loved guys. An hour before the door opening we met Jaska and the crew smoking outside the club - so that's how the pic got to the band.

Turku could be named the second best memorable gig of the year. Just the way I get a review on my emotions before, during and after it right now when some time passed. It was just a few people, no back rows pressure, no border and a tiny stage where the band seemed too close... Remembering 2010, St.Peter, A2 - stage as small as that one.
And I even felt a little sorry to get and answer a text message from my dad when they played Stay: "little things, little things, little things..." - Marko sings right to me and I do not even look at him, come on, it's daddy texting, I must be a good girl. I could not also name all the lines I got of eye-to-eye singing, too many of those... Bring me back to Berlin, then there to Turku, later on - to Kotka. Repeat. Cause the whole world didn't matter when we sang along, rocked the club, talked - thank Olli and Jaska for little nice chats, laughed and danced till 4 am - here comes the dancing King - Petri!... Then I missed my bus to Helsinki, when the town was still sleeping deep - oh, Queen of Fools!
Is it still necessary to mention how excited I was to see tweeted picture of the the chalk moth making it to the very center of Poets stage?..

Play reading time:
* * *
Jaska: How long did it take to draw?
Me: A couple of hours, I was late for the meeting and it was almost finished when I arrived...
Jaska: Hahah, and then it RAINED!

* * *
Ollie: How are you? *gulps beer from his bottle*

Eura was the hardest to get to. 9 hour train, 12 hour car ride - a million of stops asking for directions, wrong road turns, broken navigators etc. Thank God, we happened to follow Poets' tour bus on our way back - never meant to follow like follow, just a thing with roads and directions, we could have probably get lost in the middle of nowhere if there was not any you, dear guys!
Only was hard to enjoy the gig due to my own problems with health. Everything else went perfectly well - no make-up, top hat or a boa on Marko, Jaska wearing a suit jacket + a V-neck black stripes shirt being the beauty King of the evening, Olli smiling as always, Captain making his jokes when no one sees him... as always lol, and a new drummer instead of Jari - explained on Twitter later on. Roses made it to the guys for Roses hahah! Only one was left and got to Marko during The Lie Eternal and returned back to me with a very gorgeous gesture and an eye-to-eye look. Once again a reminder of Ikra Club in Moscow with very little audiences. Warm welcome from every and each one, everyone singing along - you could have never guessed that by the way it all looked like before the gig started.

Play reading time:
* * *
Marko: Wow! Great! Keep it up! Just keep it up! *looking at the digital artworks I showed him on my IPad*

I wished to see Tampere badly. It was 2 times for me in a row - one planned, another one - almost cancelled, planned a little less than a year ago.
My people mean a world to me so I needed to do one thing for one of them on July,13 - had a chance for a 5 minute chat with Marko when I immediately asked him to wish a happy birthday to a girl with a long potf fan history, she didn't answer my phone call so... Anyway, I tried :) Great gig later, huge audience, where I knew almost every one at least by the face! Some kind of reunion! Or what was that? Dancing till the night is gone again! Dancing King bear hugs included.
And only one thing that had left me a bad memory but didn't ruin it all, just to mention - hope it's just me being too sensitive... I got a little sad to be having to wait till the door opening between two doors, not knowing which one is to be opened. I do not care that much of the first row still it's nice to be there and better than in the middle of the crowd. I know people caring of it more - I understand and if I can do that, I help. Most of the times I end up in the second, even third row. So I heard some girls being rude to my friends in the line when one left for a glass of something and then wasn't let in to take the place she had. Just weird, nevermind.

Play reading time:
* * *
Petri: He-hey! You already leaving?
We: Yes.
Petri: Where do you live? Apple, ha? Apple, you know? It's Omena in Finnish! Do you live in Omena?

* * *
Petri: I love my little brother! Do you love my little brother?

* * *
Petri: I love yoooooooooooou! I love you! And you too! Lets hug!

Later on my dream gig happened - my very favorite band from all the childhood dreams Red Hot Chili Peppers and my favorite band from the last 7 years Poets Of The Fall together on the same stage. Just a 30 minute set for Poets - the very unexpected Roses, and guys looking really excited still very nervous and concentrated. I spent my time checking up faces and reactions in the crowd - some were bored, some liked, some even knew the words, and a very weird combination - knowing the words, asking of a band name :D

Play reading time:
* * *
Ollie: You here!
Me: Thanks for the set! Was nice seeing you here cause I actually came for RHCP.
Ollie: Really? You came to see them? Didn't they play in Russia?
Me: They did, just I was too busy traveling to you gigs... And you do also come to Russia sometimes, right? *wink*
Ollie: Hah, right! *winks back* So when's your next gig?
Me: Not sure, but I will definitely come to Kotka in October, you play the next day to my birthday.
Ollie: November? Germany, yeah?
Me: Nonono, October. Kotka. Finland.

Espoo was cancelled for me - still I helped my friends with tickets and a hotel and stuff... Come on, summer! Stay here with me just for a second more!

Part 3. Autumn, when I colored my skin with signs of life

I hate birthdays. I only knew a thing to help me forget the hate. A birthday gig. Kotka was almost at the time. Another things I can't take are huge crowds for celebration, drunken pranks and all the weird dirty stuff. Let's say, I forgot that as well! Oops. And with us all human beings being selfishly self-concentrated its always cool to have a friend with a birthday at the same day as yours. Brings you back on Earth from heavens... ;)

A Kotka-Porvoo trip was all teasing and attractive to many people we knew so by the time we had to count how many of us is planning to come we didn't fit in one car of 7 people. So 2 cars and 14 people was what we had in the end. And a birthday girl in each of them. One car left a little earlier, another one - later. We took different roads, different border crossing points, different stops etc. And it was probably the last time we payed that driver for a ride. All the travel details and fails on road could have ruined the whole trip if the gigs were not that great.

The set list finally changed and got a little more of the songs from the latest album. Running Out Of Time finally took its truly desired first place of a song to start the gig from - it had to be there! The very latest one Signs Of Life surprised and rocked. The Ballad Of Jeremiah just left me speechless. All the colors that appeared to me in association to this song were seen on stage as the lights. Just probably a little of golden and yellows were missing... I got a full bottle of red wine for the celebration right before the gig, so memories are all a bit messy :D It's been a long time and Fire and Miss Impossible were back to the set list. Fire got us rocking so hard that we even climbed two times to the border of the stage on the first line of chorus. And Marko was wearing a necklace with anatomical heart that I gave him. I had the best birthday party ever!

Lessons learnt: 1)Drunken guys can suddenly start to act too rude - beware! 2)Dancing to weird kind of really bad music is fun, 3)Birthdays can be fun too!

Play reading time:
* * *
*in the elevator, me looking in the window as if in the mirror, door open, Jaska enters, me - 180 degree turn*
- Hello!

* * *
Me: So we both had a birthday yesterday, we're here to celebrate!..
Marko: So how old are you? 18, right? *wink*

I also had tickets booked for Berlin and Munich. I had that kind of feeling I really needed to be back to Berlin - it had left such an impression I wanted to recall. I had music reminding me of my last two trips there in my earphones all the time. But it didn't work. They run out of time first with giving me the new passport instead of the expired one, then with a visa. Total disappointment.
But I had time to start my sleeve-tattoo getting a new school mechanical anatomical heart on my shoulder... Invert the reality.

Part 4. Merry go 'round, it's Winter!

It's still fresh and bright, has it's powers on me and fully owns me. Winter. And now I am not a girl, I am THE TROUBLE.

The start was more than weird. Meetings, arguments, misunderstanding, fails, cold, leaving my work place that I used to love etc. I can't stop remembering everything from all the past times. Like even now I revive the feelings that I had years ago on my first gigs, and they all are still here and now with me. I couldn't help that and the only memory of the gig on the boat is that I cried. I know I heard Carnival of Rust million of times but probably even that day it felt like crying, even though I never ever cried on the gigs.
I allow you to joke on me, alright!

Then Virgin Oil was the club where I first saw Poets live outside Russia. No depression in that case and no crying, no worries! It was great! I could have been late for the door opening cause of the latte art competition I took part in surprisingly. But my girls were already there, so I did not worry at all. Salaisuuksia made that evening. I love the sound of Finnish language so that I can be listening to it for hours. Starting from my fantasy-books addiction and reading all of Tolkien when I got to know that Elvish was inspired by Finnish and that whole family of languages... Now imagine the favorite voice singing the favorite language.Then Roses back on the acoustic set. I wished Shallow was there as well.

I can't tell you anything more. It felt great yet a little lonely. I sometimes start to think of coming to a decision not to go to the gigs anymore. Step backwards and just enjoy the music as the recordings. It becomes too painful in time to have a big pause in between. And feels like I'm gone too far and deep I stop to care of the real life. It's the best fantasy and the greatest world. And so you wanna stay there. Each time I start loving the guys more and more, each time I get to know some new people and love them as well. Each time I get new emotions and new memories, new experience. Each time I understand I won't ever quit that addiction.

It all goes round and round. The Euro-tour in April got me changed a lot, hours spent alone just talking to myself, a little of feeling homeless, and now I am back again to my parents... Purr purr purr. I'm off to feed the cats. It all goes round and round.

Let it be ended up with the mood of the song Broken by Tracy Chapman:

Your life is never what you wanted
Not even halfway normal
Just tarnished and soiled
When in your reach
A framed and frozen moment
So far from perfection
Not truth or transcendence
Will set you free
Still you don't believe

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I wanna tell you whoever you are and whoever you are to me - there are times when I don't need anyone around. And there are also times when I need every and each one. To speak out all of the pain I have. Today there's lots of it.

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I discovered that in those last weeks how endless is the number of things you can do when drawing on the computer. I do still use a picture as a sample. But it gives more of the detail work when you do a drawing in bigger sizes. You can do higher resolutions. You can try adding textures or scanned stuff drawn with any kinds of classical drawing things like pencils or ink that I love the most. You can choose different backgrounds.

It can't be really explained in words how much I am inspired by the person on those pics. Cause that's for sure... When I can't bring those feelings into words I draw them. It's Marko Saaresto, lead singer of Poets Of The Fall. Go check up their latest album - I've done a color palette review on it some time ago.

Читать дальше...Collapse )


CAN.YOU.HEAR.ME first anniversary

Insomnia, I love you. @PoetsOfTheFall

I wonder now when and where and why did I get that idea of making such a killing kind of art. Meaning, yeah, killing. Cause in an hour or two the right hand dies. Not having any special devices and not planning to buy them only leaves you with a common computer mouse that's used as a brush, and photoshop acts as paper.
Yeah, telling you once again - that thing was drawn from the very start till the very end. Not filtered or something. Like, that's not a photo. More answers needed?..

6 hours well spent. And hell, the way you walked in, I would kiss the earth beneath your feet!..

I won't lie telling you that it's one of the songs that appeared to me as a picture immediately. By the time I heard it for the first time I already had that idea of a visual novel for War. Revealing some details: that was a story of birth of the Angel of the New Beginning out of the Angel of Revenge. The very moment of birth even made it to a real song picture for War. You'll read of it some time later.

No End, No Beginning happened to become a continuation of that story in my mind. It has it's truly visible connections in colors and style yet becoming something different. The palette is all in its lyrics - coming out of browns, beiges and blacks it flows into light greys. Guitars begin from golden transforming into thin silver strokes then becoming blue by the first chorus. It is played and sang in coral reds.

The second verse especially the line 'cant't kill the monster' is bringing the picture back to dark colors with black splashes and bold red strokes.

The ending is deep dark red like if drops of blood on a background of all the shades of grey. It must be drawn by watercolors, background can be done with a normal pencil or even a charcoal. I'd probably even frame it painting some curly lines in beiges...

The story that I could imagine happening in those colors is probably a burial, a celebration or even some sacrifice. The sounds are full of tears, pain and blood so it gives me a picture of angel feathers on the ground wet of rain and blood. It has all of those smells as well. You'd probably even feel some little winds. And a sunlights being signs of a new beginning coming.

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That is probably not a song I would have ever wanted to make a picture of but that's a song that inspired me to make many more or the things. Keeping them up, discovering, I come to a conclusion that... I think of the song as of an endless source of energy for art and communication. I can't help but wonder what that feeling could be - going further by the signs and associations blindfolded.

It's one and only song by Poets Of The Fall that has practically no really dark colors in it. Some greys, not that much.The lightest color palette in general. Pure light blue background. Summer sky, a couple of little fluffy clouds. Yellow and green splashes making shapes of balloons, different kinds of street lights, car lights, advertisements, projectors. Running fast. Flashing by. Thin red strokes.That's all in the song rhythms.

The picture for this must be huge. That's nothing like one concrete thing or story. That's plenty of them, divided, separated, yet in some perspective seen as one.

The whole feel of it is a smile, light coming out of the eyes, a great hysteria, some bright understanding of an emotion. I could have even used not a piece of paper to paint this but a mirror. So you could leave those visible scratches. So there could be real lights. So you could see yourself through the color splashes as a perfect creation of nature. Sticker some little hearts for the love of your life. Use your own imagination. So you could break it up to many pieces if it feels like it.

So love will find an answer.

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Coloring songs || Speechless by Lady Gaga

You will probably be surprised to know that this time I am talking about a song by the world's most provocative and freaky singer-songwriter also known as Mother Monster.

I am pretty sure that she's a person to be respected. At least from the angle I see the things. She has her charms, her moves, her weirdness.

Skin's shed. Blood beats. A heroine of our times wearing 1 million and 1 mask. Flesh. Bones. Opened-up. Shown-off. Sexual.

Most of her songs are a mess of colors, or just one or two of them as a background with white weird figures on it. That's one of the things - seems to me - why she is often blamed for being too much with her performances and all kinds of visual arts. If you close your eyes for a second listening to any of her songs - you'll get a clue, they're too bright, too splashy. And so Mother Monster is herself.

Speechless seems to have a very visible song-picture comparing to all the rest of Gaga's works. It has a pure white background. Silver splashes like if some little pearls. Figures are painted with reds, greens, yellows. They are some odd creatures, horny, nude, long-haired. I could have done it all with nail polish and markers. Freaky inspiring for exploring new technics and materials.

What if adding some textile pieces, pieces of broken glass - have a bottle of wine and crush it. Probably some red wine could also be used as a paint? Or even whiskey?
So feminine and a little hysterical. Just like the whole song is.

It could be painted on some white silk. Could be a dress and you're having this picture on its skirt. Gaga would wear such a thing.

A tattoo. This song-picture would have been a great tattoo of that odd creature I mentioned before.

Can't say more.

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Paris, day 1, 2012

Paris is so so Paris. Charging my everything from the only rosette placed under the window in front of stairs! Weird view.

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Helsinki 2012

You know when I come to this city I feel beautiful. Like even more each time. I can't ignore that is not all about the city structure, architecture but the people. Being beautiful.
It seems to be like even in the air and every single breath you take. You need it - I mean, breathing. So how not to let the beauty come inside?

I randomly went to some different kind of places, catched accidentally a couple of free public wi-fi spots in the centre of the city, met a nice person and even got interviewed. I'd say this seems to be a nice start for a vacation!

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The color palette of “Temple of Thought” – the latest album by Poets Of The Fall.

Let this be my very first try of writing some kind of stuff like that. Glad I am doing that with the newest “fresh” record which still is a little unknown and hides lots of treasures inside of it. So the feelings are bright and concentrated.

The first thing I have to say of an album is that, in my opinion, it’s such a globe. It’s complete, round in its whole feel, no sharpened angles, cut-offs. The pure palette of pastel yet so bright colors. The iridescent sphere. I'd say it mostly consists of light greens with dark red-brown, beiges with some shades of grey and lots of black splashes.


Let’s go now from song to song by the track-list and paint our picture.

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